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Gaucho Disagrees With Jalango’s Statement on 15% Tax

Gaucho has disagreed with Jalango on his statement about the 15% tax bill, and that content creators and celebrities brought the action to themselves by flaunting expensive life and properties online.

Gaucho, who has been at the forefront of fighting against the high cost of living as a strong Azimio and opposition member, while speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz stated that people like Jalango should defend the Online media and content creator since he knows their lifestyle and was once also faking life to empress his audience.


“Surely Jalango unasahau mahali umetoka,mahali ya kufake life…..Jalango unasahau mahali umetoka.” Gaucho stated.

In his statement, Gaucho called out the difference stating that most of the content creators are living ‘Ballon lives’.

“Aya okay tuseme Eve Mungai ako na gari, unasahu Eve Mungai ni mwanamke, saa zingine hujui ako na nani kando yake ambaye anannua hio gari…” Gaucho lamented on behalf of content creators.

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Gaucho also stated that Kenyans have punished themselves and the finance bill will open many people’s eyes once it has been passed. He also opened up that the majority of the people fighting him are from within the Azimio coalition.

In his statement, he also noted that the majority of people are only using Raila for their gain and called on them to be genuine.

Gaucho also declared that he will be in the next parliament.


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