Bahati Spends Father’s Day Clamped Under His Wife’s Thighs

Bahati decided to celebrate Father’s Day in a unique manner. Bahati Clamped under the wife’s thighs. The video of the two has created a sensation online, with everyone having something to say about Bahati as an artist and the couple.


“Heri kurarukiwa na chupi Kuliko akili” Harry commented.

“Wanaume wanaume wanaume, how do you even allow yourself to be filmed and posted???” Wambui commented.
“Common sense is very important.”Fashion Holic Commented.

“Hizi ni siri za up you guys..” Salome adviced.

“Izo thighs ni zile tu nyeupe najua ama n zingine, if forgetting filters was a person could be called Gashagua” 254 commented.

“Hawa watu na wajudas nowadays are desperate for clout” Babyboo commented.

“Sasa hizi ni gani? People live proving a point mpaka wanajikosea heshima” Hats commented.

“wheeps for kafukuswi” Derooh commented.

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“Now l understand why Legends like Nyashinski are respected.”

“Kabahanye will never be ashamed manze, what’s this!!!…he should forever remain local”

Singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua have been known to create such sensation online, keeping their audience talking.

The Couple also runs a reality show called The Bahati’s Family with 67.7k subscribers. Diana Bahati has a following of 893k subscribers while Bahati has a large following of 1.19 subscribers on Youtube.

How did you spend your Father’s day?


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