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Ava Max Slapped on Stage by Fan

Pop singer Ava Max was attacked on stage as she performed at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles only days after Bebe Rexha was struck by a cell phone during a previous concert.


In a video shared on social media, a man is seen rushing onto the stage in the middle of the singer’s performance and directly hitting her in the face before security personnel hold him and try to restrain him. In between sets, Max briefly raises her palm to her face as she spins, but otherwise carries on with the performance.

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This incident comes just days after 33-year-old singer Bebe Rexha was assaulted by a fan during her performance at a New York City concert. The fan threw a cell phone at Rexha, hitting her in the left eye and leaving a bruise on the face. He was later charged with assault at a Manhattan Court.

Ava Max took to her social media to address the incident saying that the man scratched the inside of her eye. In a tweet posted on her page, she thanked fans for showing up to the show and assured them that her assailant will be barred from attending her shows.

Her followers have expressed concern over the growing cases of musicians being assaulted on stage.

i dont know what exactly happened but first bebe rexha now you? why is violence starting to increase at concerts people are paying to be at? hope youre good <3


What is wrong with these new pop fans… We used to just pass out in the crowd and cry off our wet and wild mascara


So the new trend is to assault artists on stage for 1 second of not even fame??? 2023 logic for sure


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Ava Max is on tour to promote her most recent album, Diamonds & Dancefloors, and her next slated performance is at Fillmore, San Francisco today.


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