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8 Must Have Qualities That Can Co-exist

Every individual has certain qualities that are solely attributed to them. However, for purposes of balance, here is a list of 8 qualities that can co-exist, that should not miss in yours.

8 Must Have Qualities That Can Co-exist.
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Growth and Mistakes

As our insight and mental capabilities increase, it is important to leave room for mistakes. Mistakes do not always have to be associated with failure. In this case, oversights or errors in action, judgement and opinion, are also forms of mistakes. Thus, mistakes can also occur as a result of misconception, misinterpretations and inaccuracy.

With zero room for mistakes, growth is inevitable. Not only is your growth measured by the mistakes you make, but also by the lessons learnt from them. That being said, to realize growth, it is wise to make reasonable mistakes. Learn from them and apply the lessons in life.

Anxiety and Confidence

Confidence is having certitude and assurance, both in ourselves and in what we do. Having total trust and reliability in oneself is a trait that makes one unstoppable. However, it is also dangerous to approach life with too much conviction. It is safer to exercise some caution.

Anxiety creates an eagerness in us that either boosts or lowers our confidence. Depending on the situation, it is okay to be anxious. Overconfidence can make one rigid and ignorant to matters unfamiliar with. On the other hand, anxiety creates a foreboding and fear in us. This worry helps us approach situations with caution, care and keenness.

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Accountability and Self Forgiveness

To be accountable is to be liable and answerable. It is for these reasons that accountable people are often perceived to have higher levels of integrity and responsibility. Evidently, it is applaudable for one to be diligent. Unluckily, in most cases, accountability leaves one vulnerable to self blame.

Self forgiveness balances out accountability. Being liable leaves one open to being questioned, judged and blamed for a number of things. Having the ability to carry yourself with grace helps smoothen things out. Self forgiveness is a trait that gives one immunity against the reproach, condemnation and guilt that comes with accountability.

Learning and Unlearning

To acquire knowledge or skill is a well known and believed version of learning. Nonetheless, the changing of one’s behavior through practice, training or experience is another form of learning. Albeit, to be able to bring about this change, one has to learn new things.

It is said, one cannot do the same things, in the same manner and expect different results. In order to change, one has to loose knowledge of some of their old ways. Putting aside a culture that is retrogressive and binding has always been a revolutionary step. It is wise to discern the kind of knowledge that is worth keeping and the kind that is worth discarding.

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On the whole, it is salient to pick your qualities wisely. For every trait you have, try acquiring another that corresponds to it. There may be nothing like a perfect life, but one might try and live a balanced one.


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