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Young, Famous And African: Is the Show Promoting Unhealthy Relationships?

Young, famous and African season two premiered this May and it brought the drama but this time it was relationship drama between families and long-time friendships that were like family. The addition of new cast members highlighted the crazy relationship dynamics that seem to have been normalized.


Andile and his two baby mamas

This season featured both Rosette Mogomotsi who has a daughter, Gabrielle and Sebababtso Mothibi who has a son, Antony with the radio and TV personality, Andile. Andile tried getting back together with Sebabatso after things not working out with Zari but felt he needed the approval of Rosette who wanted him back so it left him confused on whether going back to any of baby mamas was the best option, having strung them along for a while.

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Young, famous and African cast.

Annie Idibia and 2Face

In this season we get to see the drama of allegations of 2face having his eighth baby with their personal banker. Annie shares how traumatising it is to see blogs and people online root for her marriage’s downfall claiming the rumours are not true.

In another episode, Idibia hosts dinner and 2Face shares something controversial, that the man is controlled by his genitals and if he sleeps outside his marriage with another woman, it is not emotional causing a stir.

Young, famous and African cast.

Diamond and Zari

The two have a good co-parenting relationship and have two kids, Latiffa and Nillan. For co-parenting to work, respect should be mutual and that is something both share until when Zari hears that Diamond has been talking about their private affairs with Fantana, an artist from Ghana, who was a new cast in season two. Fantana likes Diamond and despite her knowing he has a girlfriend chooses to pursue a relationship with him when he is in South Africa. She ends up fighting with and insulting Zari which leads to Khanyi making the famous statement that has been doing rounds online.

Young, famous and African cast.
Men will leave you in the desert without water.”


A new cast from Namibia came in with a lot of drama with Swanky, Zari and Bonang. He was excommunicated from his family seven years ago and now wants to have a baby through surrogacy without having to have a relationship with a woman. Embracing single fatherhood.

Young, famous and African cast.

Naked DJ and Kayleigh Schwark

After dating for three years we all thought this was the season they would get engaged but all we saw was a trial engagement. Eventually, Naked DJ asks Kayleigh to move in with him officially.



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