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Top Gospel Artists in Kenya With The Most Subscribers

The Kenyan gospel music industry was once a vibrant and growing sector of the Kenyan economy. In recent years, the industry has seen a decrease in popularity, with Kenyan gospel artists reducing and becoming increasingly repetitive, lacking any proper planning to spread the gospel, share hope, and to inspire their audience.

The reason for the decline and the lessening support to the music genres continues to be a debate.


There are several factors that contributed to the growth of the Kenyan gospel music industry in the last 8 years including several platforms to push their message of hope, the increased gospel tv shows, and increase in popularity both from individual growth through the music.

Here are 4 gospel artists in Kenya with the highest number of Subscribers:
  1. Guardian Angel – 399K Subscribers

Guardian Angel also known as the music doctor, has carried the music ministry and industry for the last 3 years individually, ensuring its existence and keeping its place in the society.

The music doctor has won numerous awards for his music, including the Groove Awards. He is a role model to many in the industry today with his music at heart.

He has a following of 399k subscriber with his greatest video being Kuongozwa that garnered 7.5 million views 3 years ago.

  • Mercy Masika – 228k Subscribers

Mercy Masika has been in the industry since her coming to the limelight. She is gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist.

Masika has won numerous awards for her music, including the Groove Awards, the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards, and the Kalasha Awards. She has also been nominated for several BET Awards and Grammy Awards.

She has a following of 228k subscriber with her most popular song gathering up to 17 million views published 8 years ago.

  •  Moji Short Baba- 89.7k Subscribers

Moji short baba has been in the gospel industry, since making his debut with the Kelele takatifu band that went separate ways after. He is a gospel singer, and songwriter.

His music takes a different angle that’s ensure the listener is dancing to the lord.

He has a following of 89.7k with his famous track being Wacha story with over 1.2 million views published 5 years ago.

  • Jabidii- 72k Subscribers

Jabidii is great dancer, artist, singer, songwriter, and a producer and has been in the industry for over 10 years.

He was a wide following of 72k subscribers, with the most popular song being Vimbada featuring Moji that gathered a total of 5.8 million views 5 years ago.

There are many other gospel artists who are growing and some already known including: Nimo, David Wonder, DJ Kezz, Wapendwa Muziki, Manolo, Deus, and See praise etc.

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