Top 3 Kenyan Podcasts You Should Know

Kenyan Podcasts

Kenya has seen an extraordinary rise in podcasting, with a wave of charismatic broadcasters captivating listeners and covering a variety of fascinating topics.


Kenyan podcasts are boosting voices and establishing a separate niche in the digital media space with topics ranging from provocative talks on sexuality and relationships to thought-provoking conversations on personal experiences. Here are three podcasts that you need to tune into for an enriching and captivating auditory experience, opening new doors to Kenyan stories and perspectives;

  1. Legally Clueless Podcast

Hosted by Adelle Onyango, the podcast is a platform that aims to amplify African stories. It was started in 2019 after Adelle quit her radio job at KISS FM and ventured into podcasting. The podcast has more than 200 episodes featuring guests from all over Africa, telling their experiences. Aside from the audio episodes which are uploaded every Monday on podcasting platforms, there are video episodes and tour series episodes on the podcast’s YouTube channel. The host has traveled to different parts of the world including Dubai and Paris to record stories of Africans.

The podcast is part of Legally Clueless Africa, an organization by the host aimed at promoting wellness among the African community.

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Hosted by Oscar Koome and Eli Mwenda, the podcast is known for being a ‘space for elevating and honest conversations. The duo dissects different topics on their podcast ranging from masculinity and relationships to friendship and content creation.

The friendship and brotherhood between the hosts of the podcast bring a genuine and infectious camaraderie that transcends the airwaves and invites the listeners to be a part of a family. The podcast also collaborates with other podcasts to ensure that there is a fresh perspective to the topics that are discussed on the platform.

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It has amassed a good number of followers and subscribers on social media, recently receiving recognition from Spotify.

3. The Messy Inbetween (TMI) Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Murugi Munyi and Lydia K.M. and provides a space for Kenyans to have conversations on different topics ranging from money, relationships, love to sex and friendships.

TMI Podcast

The podcast has built a community of close to 100,000 subscribers with more than 90 episodes. The friendship between the hosts is palpable, and their genuine rapport shines through in every episode. Murugi and Lydia not only share their friendship journey but also dive deep into conversations that are relatable and impactful.

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These podcasts are just a small part of what the Kenyan podcasting scene has to offer. Kenyan creatives keep taking advantage of podcasting space to amplify Kenyan stories.


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