Tina Turner’s Children: Love, Loss, Resilience

Tina Turner

Tina Turner was a mom to four kids: Craig, Ike Jr., Michael and Ronnie

Tina Turner’s most famous song

Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, faced both triumphs and hardships as a mother. Becoming a mom at 18, she welcomed her first son with Raymond Hill, who was later adopted by her first husband Ike Turner Sr.

She also embraced motherhood to Ike’s two sons and had her youngest son with him. Despite a difficult marriage, Tina expressed pride in her children’s well-being.

Known for her strict parenting, she maintained a disciplined household. Tragedy struck when her son Craig died by suicide, followed by Ronnie’s death from cancer. Tina’s motherhood journey reflects love, loss, and resilience.

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Craig Raymond Turner

Tina Turner's son
Craig Turner

Craig Raymond Turner, born on August 29, 1958, was the son of Tina Turner and saxophonist Raymond Hill. After Hill left St. Louis, where they performed with Ike Sr. in Kings of Rhythm, Craig was adopted by Ike Sr.

when he married Tina. Sadly, Hill passed away in 1996 due to congestive heart failure, while Ike Sr. died from a cocaine overdose in 2007. Craig served in the Navy, became a real estate agent, and tragically died by suicide at 59.

Tina fondly remembered their last conversations and tried to focus on the positive aspects of Craig’s life after his passing.

Michael Turner


Michael Turner, born in 1959 to Ike Sr. and Lorraine Taylor, was adopted by Tina Turner before her separation from Ike in 1978. Following their divorce, Michael faced difficulties and expressed a desire for his parents to reconcile, resulting in hospitalization.

As an adult, he struggled with addiction and chose not to seek help from Tina or his father. Reports indicated that Michael experienced health issues, including strokes and seizures, and required medical assistance in a convalescent home in Southern California.

While Tina did not personally visit Michael, she provided financial support to him.

Ike Turner Jr.


Ike Turner Jr., born to Ike Sr. and Lorraine Taylor in 1958, was adopted by Tina Turner at a young age. Tina played a significant role in his upbringing, and he considers her his only mother. Ike Jr., a musician himself, shared that Tina influenced his choice of instruments and guided him in selecting the piano as his primary instrument.

He worked with his father and accompanied him on tours after being taken out of school at the age of 13. However, their professional relationship with Tina strained after her separation from Ike Sr., leading to a period of estrangement. Ike Jr. has not had contact with Tina for over a decade and acknowledges that she has moved on with her life.

Despite the distance, he continues to pursue music and strives to honor his family name through his work in The Love Thang tribute band.

Ronald “Ronnie” Turner


Tina and Ike Sr. became parents to their only son, Ronnie Turner, on October 27, 1960, in Los Angeles. Despite financial support and opportunities, Ronnie faced personal struggles and legal issues as a young adult.

Tina acknowledged his self-destructive behavior but maintained a watchful eye over him. Eventually, Ronnie became independent and pursued a musical career, following in his parents’ footsteps. He played bass in a band called the Manufactured Funk and even had a cameo in his parents’ biopic.

Ronnie married French singer Afida Turner in 2007 and had two children. Tragically, he passed away from colon cancer on December 8, 2022, at the age of 62, leaving behind fond memories and heartfelt tributes from his mother and wife.

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