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TikTok Trends to Try in 2023


TikTok has a unique and complicated algorithm. If you have been on the streets of TikTok then you know that the easiest way to thrive on the app is to create content that goes viral.


The best way to find ideas for content that could go viral on the app is to jump on the trending sounds that are getting traction. Here are 3 trends that you should try out if you are on the app;

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This sound took the app by storm late last year and most of the people who jumped on the trend have used it to criticize bad behaviors and others have used it to decide who has the most ‘judgy’ side-eye.

Most Kenyans on TikTok were surprised to learn that the sound was first started by a Kenyan TikToker. A remix to the sound has also been made so there is no limit as to what any user can do with the trending sound.

If you have been active enough on TikTok in the last few months, then you have come across a video with the sound;

Bombastic side eye, criminal offensive side eye

This sound is particularly popular among Nigerians on TikTok. It has been used to encourage delusion as a way of manifesting. The users of the sound have been seen to create fake scenarios in their videos and not until the end do they reveal to their audience that the whole video was a part of their ‘vivid imagination’.

With the concept of delusion as the only way to make it in this world today, this sound is going a long way in pushing the narrative. If you are a firm believer in the narrative, then this trend is a good way to show your creativity to your TikTok audience.

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  • Jericho by Iniko

The song Jericho by Iniko has become a popular sound on TikTok and most of the creators on the app are using it to their creativity in various ways. From dancing to their vocal ranges to comic videos and inspirational content. As a creative, there is really no limit to the potential that this sound offers on TikTok.

I’m high, I’m from outer space

I got milky way for blood, evolution in my veins

I’m gone, I’ve been far away, I’m a lumineer now

I make moves, I start waves

I’ve dreamin’ about flying for a long time

I had a vision from the greys, they wanna co-sign Artificially intelligent, new A.I.

Lyrics from Jericho by Iniko

These three sounds are just a few of the sounds that keep rocking TikTok this year. The short-video app gives creators on the platform the freedom to be exploratory with their content and push the content to a bigger audience when done well.


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