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Signs Your Child is Likely to be Identified as LGBTQ

Most individuals who identify themselves as members of the LGBTQ community say they could tell from childhood that they were meant to be different and did not feel like themselves.


Whenever they come out to their parents and family, it usually comes as a shock to the family and the parents feel at fault for not noticing their child felt different right under their nose. To avoid being blindsided, here are some signs your child wants to identify as LGBTQ:


They may be withdrawn because they don’t feel they would be accepted by others in school, at home or the society at large. They tend to keep to themselves and avoid social gatherings and functions and prefer solitude.

They are also more likely to choose toys that the opposite gender would preferably want or be drawn to. For example, boys want dolls or to play dress up. In other instances, they would be infatuated by likes that parents from their opposite sex are attracted to like a boy wanting to learn more and put makeup on when he sees his mum do her makeup.

Signs Your Child is Likely to be Identified as LGBTQ.

They may also prefer to have a name that represents their queer side like having a name that the opposite sex would regularly have.

DJ Mo on LGBTQ agenda.

Preference of content

They will be drawn to music that talks about the queer community or songs sung by queer artists. When it comes to TV shows, they will watch drag queen reality shows or movies that promote the LGBTQ community and relationships. Their social media platforms will be full of queer content and they will follow queer celebrities.

Signs Your Child is Likely to be Identified as LGBTQ.

Preference for clothes and style

They will be drawn to unisex clothes at first that does not tie them down to a there fixed gender. In other instances, they may wear clothes that hide their physical features. For example, girls may wear loose baggy t-shirts that hide their busts.


One or two of their friends most probably identifies as queer.

Read the study found on the fear of queer children.

Ultimately, cultivate a relationship with your kids whereby you can talk and they trust you will let them open up to you.

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