It costs a lot to be Mr Nice Guy-Otile Brown

Otile Brown
Kenyan R&B musician Otile Brown appears to have had many disappointments this year from those he least expected and felt let down
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Kenyan R&B musician Otile Brown appears to have had many disappointments this year from those he least expected.

The musician, through his Instagram stories, observed that being a decent person can makes one feel disappointed.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

According to recent statements the artist has made on social media, it appears the response to his performance was unsatisfactory.

“People you are nice to are the ones who always let you down, but I’m always prepared for disappointments because I understand you are not built like me,” he said.

“The world we live in now it’s expensive to be a nice person, and the nicer you are the more you understand why successful people are hard-hearted yet they are the most respected people,” the singer said in a different statement.

This declaration follows his electrifying performance at the Stanbic Yetu Festival, which Anthony Hamilton, the leading soul performer from the United States, headlined.

Otile Brown, whose actual name is Jacob Obunga, dazzled the audience with some of his finest singles, including Watoto na Pombe and Dusuma. Additionally, he performed for his fans surprisingly with Tanzanian singer Saraphina.

A few weeks ago, the singer uploaded yet another post on social media that appeared to be an indication that the musician was feeling underappreciated.

The Such Kind of Love hitmaker said that people today don’t wish to credit one another for their efforts.

“See how we sacrifice so much just to please the world full of people that don’t even care,” he wrote.

He continued by acknowledging that he is aware that the majority of individuals in this generation struggle with mental health issues, which is why he has stopped caring about some of the criticism he gets from haters.

“It’s a depressed generation with fly pics & fake smiles. Be happy for you,” he said.

The CEO of Just in Love Music was recently introduced as the brand ambassador and chief creative officer for the Tecno Camon 19.

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