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Orengo’s to Uhuru: Stand Strong Amid Pension Threats

Siaya Governor, James Orengo, has come to the defense of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, urging him not to yield to pressure from Kenya Kwanza leaders who seek to deny him his pension for staying actively involved in politics.


In a recent statement, Orengo emphasized that Kenyatta’s true pension lies in the goodwill of the Kenyan people who continue to hold him in high regard.

Siaya Governor, James Orengo PHOTO/COURTEST

During a meeting with members of the Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization at the County headquarters, the Siaya governor urged President William Ruto to refrain from targeting Kenyatta and instead focus on addressing the nation’s pressing issues.

“Kenyan citizens will ensure you receive your pension, without depending on Ruto’s support. Do not allow yourself to be shaken, remain resolute,” said Orengo.

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He further stressed that Ruto should abandon his petty witch hunt and redirect his efforts towards finding solutions to the challenges faced by the country. Orengo questioned Ruto’s tendency to blame every problem on Kenyatta’s regime, highlighting the need for the Deputy President to take responsibility and propose viable remedies.

“He attributes the rising cost of living to Uhuru Kenyatta, but what has he (Ruto) done? Let him leave Uhuru alone,” Orengo urged.

Regarding the ongoing bipartisan talks, the Siaya governor called upon Azimio leader Raila Odinga to mobilize countrywide demonstrations if the bipartisan team fails to address their grievances. Orengo expressed that peaceful protests have proven to be an effective means of communication with President Ruto, emphasizing that they would resort to such action if necessary.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Retired President,Uhuru Kenyatta PHOTO/COURTESY

“If they continue interfering with our parties, as they did with Jubilee, we will disengage. If they refuse to address the high prices of essential commodities, we will disengage. If it comes to it, we will return to the streets,” Orengo asserted.

The statements made by Governor James Orengo highlight the growing tensions within Kenyan politics as retired President Uhuru Kenyatta faces pressure over his active involvement in the political arena.

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