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Museveni to Chase Kenyan Herders from Uganda

Uganda plans to export oil from April 2025. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, threatened to chase Kenyan herders from Uganda over stolen cattle and the smuggling of illegal guns.


” I give the Turkana population six months, to implement my directives. If the issues are not resolved, I will have no alternative but to expel all Kenyan Turkanas and their cattle and never be allowed to re-enter Uganda,” said Museveni’s signed executive order.

Museveni to chase Kenyan Herders
Museveni to chase Kenyan Herders / PHOTO / Credits

Museveni issued an executive order to the president, Ruto, citing the ultimatum to the Turknana herders. There has been rampant growth in cattle rusting and the smuggling of illegal guns by the Turkana herders. Consequently, these acts have been causing disruptions in the country affecting its security and safety.

In April, Ugandan martial sentenced 32 Kenyans to 20 years in prison for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The 32 Kenyans were pleading guilty to possession of ammunition and firearms illegally. This initiative led to the order being sent by Uganda’s president for the sake of Ugandan citizens.

Museveni said the Turkana herders were allowed to enter Uganda for the purpose of grazing their cattle and not for any illegal activity. They are in direct violation of the directive issued to them by the president.

Provocation to chase Kenyan herders

Turkana herders have been accused of raiding cattle, raping and killing the people of Uganda in the process. This comes after they raided over 2245 cattle from Karimonjong herders in Jie, and killed three geologists, one officer and one soldier. This soldier and officer were guarding the herders and the cattle and were shot by the herders who were stealing the cattle.

In that same directive, Museveni calls on the government to arrest the men who committed the crime. He directs on the raiders to perform a blood settlement called ‘kukaraba’ for the deceased families. This is a reparatory measure to those that lost loved ones and they should also return all the cattle they have stolen.

Museveni issued a condition for the herders to be allowed into Uganda again. He said that the government has to ensure they disarm Turkana before they are allowed to re-enter Uganda. Otherwise, the herders will be banned from Uganda alongside their cattle.

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