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Man Arrested in Laikipia County for Possession of Over 110kg of Elephant Tusks

Elephant trunk

A man was arrested yesterday after he was found to be in possession of elephant tusks weighing over 110 kilograms in Laikipia County.


The suspect, identified as Alfred Gathecha, was caught when the vehicle he used to transport the tusks was impounded by the police in the Sipili area of Kirima Sub-County.

Alfred Gathecha, a 47-year-old individual who masqueraded as a businessman, was cornered by detectives following a tip-off. The law enforcement officials, posing as influential underworld figures, skillfully lured the suspect into their trap.

Man arrested in laikipia for posession of elephant tusks
The vehicle the suspected used to transport the tusks was impounded by police at the Sipili area. | PHOTO:DCI

Their careful planning and execution led to the tightening of the noose around Gathecha, culminating in his arrest shortly before 1 pm yesterday, according to a statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

The suspect is expected to face charges under section 92(2) of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act of 2013, which pertains to the illegal trade of endangered wildlife species. If found guilty, he will have to answer for his involvement in dealing with such illicit activities.

The confiscation of the elephant tusks highlights the ongoing issue of rampant illegal poaching and the subsequent black market trade.Elephant tusks hold immense value in the illicit market, particularly in the East and Africa, where there is a persistently high demand for ivory. This demand has fueled the growth of a lucrative underground trade network, causing severe harm to elephant populations and undermining conservation efforts.

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Law enforcement agencies and conservation organizations have been intensifying their efforts to combat wildlife trafficking, aiming to dismantle criminal networks involved in this illicit trade. This recent arrest serves as a testament to the commitment of authorities in curbing illegal activities and protecting endangered species.

The suspect, Alfred Gathecha, will soon face legal proceedings as he is presented before the court.

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