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Make Money Through Acting In Kenya

To make it in the Kenyan film industry, your talents are not enough.


To be set for life or the foreseeable future as an actor or actress in Kenya, you need to be part of the right productions like KINA and SALEM from MultiChoice or any Royal Media Services production because, unlike other productions where you’d earn money during the project duration probably a week, such major production pay monthly stipend to the crew and cast.

It would leave you scrambling for scraps for the few spots in auditions in the name of pursuing an acting career.

Is making money acting in Kenya for the chosen few?

The veteran actor from Tahidi High popularly known as Omosh shed light on the impoverished conditions of some of the actors and actresses in Kenya when he made rounds on social media over his poverty-stricken lifestyle.

Omosh was once acting in Tahidi high

While other actors like Pascal Tokodi represent successful acting careers proven by his talents and resilience, having started way back in the 2000s. Kate the Actress has made a name for herself partnering with brands like Harpic and Nice and Lovely and creating her own content.

There is also the like of Azziad, who used her social media platform to gain recognition and eventually landed a role in SELINA, a telenovela series in MultiChoice.

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A career in the Kenyan film industry, should not be your only source of income.


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