Kenya’s New Prophets and Yesus

Today, prophets are many, preachers are on the rise, and evangelist incursion as the demand for hope and miracles get to its peak.

One would maybe say it’s the right explanation for a good balance between supply and demand.

The exhortation is on the high. It’s alarming! False teaching behind the curtain, brainwashed practices behind the pulpits.


What’s your take on the rise of false teachers and preachers?

Recently, Kenyans have not gone a week without coming to a discovery of a new ‘Yesu’.  

Netizens have been trying to break down the origin, the similarity that these men have, and the motivation behind their teachings.

Yesu Wa Tongeren whose official name is Eliud Wekesa teaches in the principle of simplicity with his 12 disciples.

He is a symbol of modesty and equity from the division of his disciple men and women. He is a simple man who has no car, nor a well-refurbished building and only seeks to preach and teach his word.

Homabay Prophet who is from Homabay claimed that he heard from God and was instructed to summon the president, before the expiry of 21 days.

His clip has gone viral over the internet since it was posted on TikTok after his style of preaching become a topic.

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The rise in the number of prophets and preachers claiming to be Jesus or having heard from God continues to alarm citizens. This comes to light just weeks after the realization of disturbing cultic activities and false teachings by Pastor McKenzie.

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Kenyans are now witnessing a new reign of hungry preachers as a few years ago the like of Pastor Kanyari and Jehovah Wanyonyi.

Be careful, ensure you are not brainwashed!

What is your thought on the rise of false teachers and prophets?


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