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Kenyan ‘it girls’ You Hate To Love

An it-girl is a larger-than-life woman with a unique sense of fashion, sets trends, is always at the hottest events and spots, is known by many (at least those who matter), has an irresistible magnetic pull and women want to be like her or associated with her. Kenya is not short of such women! Here is the list of some Kenyan it girls;


Joy Kendi

She is one of the most bougie lifestyle content creators in the country with a jaw-dropping sense of style. She is a down-to-earth and vulnerable influencer who shares with her followers be it on mental health issues or how to do a full-face glam make-up look. She is out to represent the thick melanin women with how she takes photos of herself accentuating her curves. Taking her own photos, she makes it look so easy to become an influencer.

Elsa Majimbo

Her rise to fame and world recognition as a comedian happened so fast. The world recognised her talent before local media and many other Kenyans. In fact, she has a strained relationship with her country’s people. Regardless, she is an icon who has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker and Mission Statement Magazine. Her content is so relatable and her lifestyle is every girl’s dream.

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Wabosha Maxime

Her peak in fame happened while she was still a student at the University of Nairobi. Her youthfulness despite her age is captivating and breath-taking, it gives of Kate Moss.  She has her own travel and accessories brand called Safirii, making her also an entrepreneur. Recently, she put out her own podcast and has a show on the radio called; A Letter to my younger self.


Former president of the single mothers proving you can always bounce back from six failed relationships and make money at the same time. Her wedding was the wedding of the season with a celebrity bridal party and highly esteemed guests. With one call from Akothee on your behalf, your life will be set for better in an instant.

Watch Akothee’s wedding.

Akothee one of the it girls for single mothers


The ultimate dance queen who proves you can do what you love, make money from it and create a change in other women’s life. She is also an engineering student proving you can be beautiful and have brains. Her dance classes Afro Sassy are the ultimate experience if you want to be in touch with your body and feminine essence.


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