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Kenyan Driver Miraculously Rescued by Daring Pilots after Truck is Swept by Raging Floods

A driver was rescued from a petrol tanker that was flooded across the Galana-Kulalu causeway. Galana Operations Manager raised the alarm leading to the rescue of the Kenyan truck driver.


The incident occurred on, Wednesday, May 3, in the afternoon at around 4:30 pm when the tanker crossing from Galana to Kulalu, dared to make a cross through the road that has low levels of water making it difficult to navigate the river crossing now flooded above normal levels.

The driver was trapped inside the vehicle not knowing what to do since he was surrounded by raging waters. Things went from bad to worse when the water pushed the tanker on its side, smashing the windscreen and sinking the cabin. The driver held onto the top as it was only a matter of time before the entire vehicle was consumed and powerless over the overflowing water leaving the driver stranded. Frightened eyewitnesses helplessly watched on from the sides unable to save the man from the tragedy.

Once the call was made by the Galana Operations Manager, their Aerial Unit went into action immediately. Two Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) pilots, Taru and Roan flew to the scene and spotted the truck being taken away by the rapid currents, they were shocked to see the driver still hanging on to the truck for rescue.

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They rushed to save the man despite the intense winds and swirling water making the rescue all the more dangerous since the tanker was full of petrol and the conditions unfavourable.

The driver was stuck in the floodwaters from 10:00 am till late in the afternoon. He had hope of survival and we’re glad that he chose to stay in the truck. A lot of people would have been impatient if such an incident had happened to them.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Conservation unit answered to duty on time and saved a life.

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