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Jubilee Party Expels Sabina Chege and Kanini Kega

The Jubilee Party’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) has made a significant decision to expel 11 members, including Nominated MP Sabina Chege and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Kanini Kega.


The move came after the two members were found to be inciting rebellion within the party and attempting to sell it to the Kenya Kwanza Coalition.

Sabina Chege, who was nominated to the National Assembly, and Kanini Kega, who was nominated to the East African Legislative Assembly, allegedly participated in a series of activities aimed at undermining the Jubilee Party.

They reportedly attended meetings convened by President William Ruto at State House, as well as a Kenya Kwanza prayer meeting in Nakuru, where they claimed that Jubilee was now a part of the Kenya Kwanza Coalition and distanced themselves from the Azimio La Umoja party.

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“They continued with this behaviour and public atterences and for the second time they came with 200 police raiding the party offices and we succeeded in getting them out of that place.” said SG Jeremiah Kioni

Jeremiah Kioni the Secretary General of Azimio

On April 28, 2023,Jubilee party held a meeting which Hon.Chege and Kinoti failed to attend The the party have decided to suspend the “rebellious” individuals thereby declaring the positions they had as vacant.

The individuals who were deemed disloyal and removed from their positions are Jimmy Angwenyi, Gatovu , Naomi Shabaan, Nelson Nzuia, Mustet, Joshua Kutuni, Mutava Musiemi, Kanini Kega, Rachel Nyamae, Mudalo, Joel Kibe and party’s executive director, Wambui Gichuru

Jubilee has gone ahead to nominate the following for elections to fill these positions within the party with local, faithful, and trustworthy Jubilee Party members.

The meeting also recommended new individuals to assume the vacant positions. Among the nominated members of the new NEC include Beatrice Gabo (deputy party leader strategy), Maoka Maore (deputy party leader operations), David Manje (deputy party leader operations), Kados Muiruri (deputy party leader outreach), Saitoti Torome (chairman), Yasin Noor (deputy secretary general), Pauline Njoroge (deputy organizing secretary), Jamleck Kamau (national director of elections), Maison Leshoomo (national women’s league chairperson), Agnes Thumbi (national youth league leader) and Nderitu Mureithi (business council leader).

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta at the Jubilee’s NDC meeting

During the meeting, it was also decided that bank signatories should be updated to reflect these changes. Additionally, any members found openly promoting policies and ideologies of other parties outside Azimio, contrary to the resolutions of February 26, 2022, would be considered to have ceased being members of the Jubilee Party and would be removed from the party’s register.

The Jubilee Party affirmed its commitment to being a constituent member of the Azimio La Umoja party and expressed its ongoing engagement with other like-minded parties to pursue policies and agendas beneficial to Kenya.

These changes reflect a significant restructuring within the Jubilee Party and mark a turning point in the party’s efforts to address disloyalty and maintain its unity and objectives.

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