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High Court Unfreezes Pastor Ezekiel’s Bank Accounts

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre has been granted permission by the High Court to access money from his previously frozen bank accounts.


The court froze 15 of Ezekiel’s accounts, where he had stashed his billions. The accounts were frozen for a period of 15 days due to Pastor Ezekiel’s alleged involvement in the Shakahola massacre, where his fellow man of the cloth, Pastor Paul Makenzie of Good News International Church, stands accused of murdering his followers and burying their bodies in the Shakahola forest.

High Court Unfreezes Pastor Ezekiel's Bank Accounts
PHOTO/Courtesy: High Court Unfreezes Pastor Ezekiel’s Bank Accounts.

During Monday’s court proceedings, the investigating officer, Inspector Martin Munene, took the stand and confirmed that all banks had complied with the court order. Munene further stated that he had no objection to Pastor Ezekiel accessing his bank accounts.

However, a disagreement occurred as Lawyer Danstan Omari cross-examined Inspector Munene, revealing that none of the accounts in question was registered under Pastor Ezekiel’s name. Instead, they were either under the church’s or the school’s name.

While most institutions had followed the court order, Safaricom, the leading telecommunications company, had not yet complied. Inspector Munene expressed his dissatisfaction with Safaricom’s failure to produce data related to the SIM cards associated with the case.

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Thereupon, the court decided to summon Safaricom to address the matter and ensure compliance with the court order. The court will review Safaricom’s response during the upcoming mention scheduled for next Tuesday.

High Court Unfreezes Pastor Ezekiel's Bank Accounts.
PHOTO/Courtesy: Shakahola tragedy.

Danstan Omari also informed the court that Pastor Ezekiel was presently at his Mavueni church, accompanied by senior security officials and lawyer Cliff Ombeta. Their purpose was to conduct an inspection of the premises and verify any relevant issues pertaining to the case.

This case has caused a stir among the public, with many having mixed reactions and judgements to the High Court’s decision to unfreeze Pastor Ezekiel’s bank accounts. Critics argue that the unfreezing of his accounts raises concerns about the potential misuse of funds and the possibility of obstructing justice.

As the legal proceedings continue, the public eagerly awaits further updates on the ongoing investigation into the Shakahola massacre and the role played by Pastor Ezekiel and Pastor Paul Makenzie.

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