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German Surgeon Fired after Getting Hospital cleaner to Assist with Surgical Amputation

A German surgeon has been fired from a prominent hospital after allegedly asking a hospital cleaner to assist in a surgical amputation.


The incident, which took place at the renowned Mainz University Hospital in Berlin, has raised serious questions about patient safety and the ethical standards of medical professionals.

Team of surgeons in surgical attire operating patient in hospital operation room.

According to a report by SWR, the hospital’s CEO, Norbert Pfeiffer, stated that the surgeon made an incorrect decision to proceed with the routine procedure despite the unavailability of a qualified assistant.

The local daily Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung reported that when the patient, who had been administered a local anesthetic, became restless, the doctor requested assistance from a nearby cleaner to hold the patient’s leg and pass surgical instruments.

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It was highlighted that the cleaner had no prior medical experience.

The story first came to light after the cleaner was spotted in the OR holding blood-stained compresses, per the Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung. 
Pramote Polyamate/ Getty Images

The incident was brought to light when a hospital manager discovered the cleaner inside the operating theater, holding bloody gauze pads, as stated in the report.

“This should never have happened,” German news agency dpa quoted Pfeiffer as saying.

This incident has sparked a wider conversation about the pressures faced by healthcare professionals and the importance of proper staffing levels in hospitals.

Photo by Metro Creative
 A surgeon in Germany enlisted the help of a hospital cleaner to hand over instruments as he conducted a toe amputation. (Photo by Metro Creative)

The German Medical Association has issued a statement calling for improved working conditions for doctors and surgeons to prevent such situations from arising.

Meanwhile, the case has also drawn attention to the essential roles performed by hospital cleaners and support staff.

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Their contributions to maintaining a safe and sterile environment are crucial, and efforts should be made to ensure that they are respected and protected from such inappropriate requests.


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