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Gary Neville and Carragher agree and disagree on the player, young player and manager of the season

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have revealed their player of the season, young player of the season, signing of the season, manager of the season, surprise of the season and game of the season for the 2022/23 Premier League campaign and more.


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It was an interesting conversation as they also named their teams of the season, and they both included Kieran Trippier, Ruben Dias, Martin Odegaard, Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland, they differed on the remaining five names and I bring to your attention their selections in full.

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Neville and Carragher agree best player is Erling Haaland

Carragher: “It is like Messi and Ronaldo isn’t it in terms of that goal-a-game? I think before Haaland, City had maybe the best striker in Premier League history in Sergio Aguero in terms of his minutes per goal anyway. So how does Haaland score that many more than Aguero with a similar team, same manager? That just shows he is a freak.”

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Neville: “It is the first time that the Premier League has signed a player who is going to be the best in the world or is already at that level. They go to Real Madrid, they go to Barcelona, in recent years they have gone to Paris Saint-Germain. They do not go to the Premier League. We have grown the best player in the world. “For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo came as a young kid and developed. I felt this player was a phenomenon. We knew he was special and what he has done is out of this world.”

Carragher and Neville disagree on the best young player: Bukayo Saka- Martin Odegaard

Carragher picks Saka as Neville picks Odegaard. Take a look at their reactions and arguments.

Carragher: “I love him. I think he has been fantastic. Odegaard has been Arsenal’s best player, I just did not pick Odegaard because he is too old – 24 seems too old to be the young player.”

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Neville: “I was surprised and shocked when I found out Odegaard is Arsenal’s captain. Where has that come from? But he has been Arsenal’s best player. Even in this difficult period, I think Odegaard has been outstanding. His quality on the ball. The best young player.”

Carragher’s best manager is Eddie Howe while Neville’s best manager is Pep Guardiola

Carragher: “It was either Eddie Howe or Pep Guardiola and I think we all feel Pep Guardiola could go on to win the treble. How could you go against him if he does that. The only reason I went for Eddie Howe was that I just cannot believe what has happened from last season to this season with Newcastle in terms of where they were when Eddie Howe came in. I actually felt there was more chance of doing a treble than Newcastle being in the Champions League so that is why I went for Eddie Howe.”

Neville: “I was going to go for Mikel Arteta a few weeks ago. Gary O’Neil has done an unbelievable job at Bournemouth. Roy Hodgson coming in at Crystal Palace. So many managers have exceeded what we thought they would do. But there are only three teams in the history of football who have got to a Champions League final, an FA Cup final and won the title. Forget the fact that they might not win it yet. Liverpool in 1977 was stopped. But the fact that he has got to those finals is quite a unique event.”

Best signing of the season: Carragher- Morgan Gibbs-White, Neville- Casemiro

As you might think of the best singing of the season for your team or club, Pundits disagree on these picking different players.

Carragher: “I was debating over two players. I was going for Manuel Akanji. But I think the fact that he is playing for Man City means I have gone for Morgan Gibbs-White. I would not say he has single-handedly kept Nottingham Forest in the league but every time I watch him… it was a big price tag and he has justified that. He must be really close to the next England squad.”

Neville: “I could not think of a player who has had a bigger impact on their team. I look at United’s season, they are in the top four, they won the Carabao Cup and they are in the FA Cup final. I genuinely don’t think they would be anywhere near top four or doing what they are doing in those competitions without Casemiro. He makes them 30 per cent better. “I have doubts about the five-year deal and the expense of it, but in terms of the jump in performance when he is playing to when he is not playing, it is enormous. He has brought experience to the dressing room and I think he has done a good job.”

Who is your best surprise of the season? Carragher- Lisandro Martinez, Neville- Brighton 1-5 Everton

Carragher: “Any centre-half coming to the Premier League who is under six foot, you are thinking they are going to have a problem but he hasn’t. Every player has weaknesses, but the best players hide their weaknesses. How can you overcome that? I wasn’t the biggest centre-half and I was worried I was going to get bullied. I thought he was smaller than me.

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“But when you are talking about the role of Casemiro, I think there is a massive drop off when Lisandro Martinez is not in the Manchester United team. Defensively but also his ability on the ball in terms of playing out from the back. He is a warrior, he is a leader, and when you think of that spine, he and Casemiro have made a big difference. So I apologise to Lisandro Martinez. Manchester United fans please stop tweeting me!”

Neville: “Seeing them go to Brighton and rip them to shreds shocked the living daylights out of me, I did not think they were capable of a performance like that. Brighton had just beaten Manchester United. That victory is more than likely going to keep them in the Premier League.”

Which was your favourite game of the season? Look at what Carragher and Neville picked

Carragher’s favourite game is Liverpool 7-0 Man Utd:

Carragher: “I don’t think it was the game, it was the selfie in the commentary box I took with him! It has been a poor season for Liverpool but that game will still be being talked about in 10 or 20 years, there is no doubt about it. You beat your rivals, 7-0, it is laughable, isn’t it.”

Neville’s favourite game is World Cup final:

Neville: “We have had a very unique season where the World Cup final was sandwiched between two halves of the season. That World Cup final was probably the best game that I have ever seen live. It was absolutely unbelievable, that game.”

Team of the season

As you think of your best 11 for the team of the season, my tallying goes to over 22 players which is a huge number, however, who have emerged to be the best in various positions.

Look at the pundit’s pick then try and come up with your best 11

Carragher’s Team of the Season

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Carra’s XI: Alisson, Trippier, Dias, Botman, Zinchenko, Odegaard, Rodri, De Bruyne, Salah, Kane, Haaland.

“Haaland is a freak but Harry Kane, what he has done this season, playing in one of the worst teams he has played in, to get that number of goals, I think is out of this world.”

Neville’s team of the season

Nev’s XI: Pope, Trippier, Saliba, Dias, Estupinan, Odegaard, Rodri, De Bruyne, Saka, Haaland, Martinelli.

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“I think this season, Saka and Martinelli have absolutely lit up this league, I think they have been spectacular, I think they have been electric. Some of the best play I have seen all season has been from them two.”


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