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Exposing Of Toxic Cycle Or Just Fun High School Trend?


If you have a Tiktok account, then you are not a stranger to the trend of high school alums exposing their high school teachers using the song; Why you lying – Oshamo.


Schools that featured in the trend include:

  • St. George’s Girls Secondary School.
  • Maryhill High School.
  • Bishop Gatimu Ngandu.
  • Njiiri School.
  • Loreto Kiambu High School.

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  • Machakos School.
  • Kenya High School.
  • Alliance High School.
  • Jamuhuri High School.
  • Moi Girls Isinya.
  • Nakuru Girls High School.

The accusations were incriminating and varied from teachers leading students to commit suicide, the school teachers canning the students, teachers giving preferential treatment to students from a higher social status and the teaching staff lying about the values that they supposedly uphold in their school.

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Like any other trend, it was a hot topic of discussion that created a lot of buzz and suddenly died down. Whether or not there was a goal to this trend is a matter of question. Has there been any follow-up done by the individual school boards and parents to the accusations laid especially to the specific teachers shown on the trends?

Can social media be used to create change in the Kenyan high school?

Social media is undeniably a powerful social tool that has been used to share empowerment movements especially those that sprung during the covid-19 period in 2020 like Black Lives Matter. One would suggest that using TikTok to communicate these high school issues to an older generation was the wrong platform.


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