Bongo Music: Food for the Love Sick Soul

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If you are a lover, bongo music is the perfect soundtrack for your heart. Bongo musicians have always had a way with words that has enabled them to express feelings of love and heartbreak in a way that can only be done by them.


Growing up in East Africa in the mid-2000s meant that you would master lyrics from the trailblazers in the bongo music industry at the time; Alikiba, Diamond, Matonya, Marlaw. The new age of bongo music artists, seem to also have gotten with the program, using their lyricism to write about their experiences in love.

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From the days of hits like Binti Kiziwi and Nakshi Mrembo, to recent ones like Mi Amor and Nakupenda, the recurring theme in most bongo songs is love. The artists use the lyrics to express how love can both uplift and devastate, how it can bring joy and pain in equal measure, and how it can shape and define life.

Bongo Musicians, Nandy, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu and Alikiba.

Nimpate vipi mi sijui,

Nina imani mapenzi hayajui,

Nitapata ugonjwa wa moyo.

Kwa sababu ya mawazo.

Ninavyo jua maisha yake,

Hajawahi kuwa na boyfriend,

Ila ni mimi wa kwanza,

Na ninashindwa kumpata.

Lyrics from Binti Kiziwi by Z. Anto

Z. Anto sings on how mysterious love is and the uncertainty that comes with winning someone’s heart.

Salamu ulizo nitumia ah,

Zimenifikia ah,

Nipo salama hata usijali,

Nalishwa vitamu,

Vinono najilia ah,

Biliyani yangamia,

Penzi twadalikana poo kidali.

Lyrics from Nadekezwa by Mbosso

Mbosso sings about the sweetness that he has found in the love he has, dissing an ex that broke his heart.

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In order to forge a deep connection with their audiences and immerse them in the real feelings of love and loss, bongo musicians have mined the depths of human emotions and utilised their lyrical prowess.

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As a lover, here are some bongo songs that you may consider adding to your playlist;

  • Yatapita by Diamond Platnumz
  • Ninogeshe by Nandy
  • Nakupenda by Jay Melody
  • Nimekuzoea by Mbosso
  • Bembeleza by Marlaw
  • Nitampata Wapi by Diamond Platnumz
  • Nakshi Mrembo by Alikiba
  • Nataka kulewa by Diamond

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