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A governor official in India Drains entire Dam to Retrieve his Phone

A Governor Official, Mr Rajesh Vishwas, caused widespread outrage and bewilderment as he ordered the drainage of an entire dam in an audacious attempt to retrieve his lost mobile phone.


The incident, has left residents and environmentalists deeply concerned about the reckless actions of a public figure entrusted with the welfare of the region.

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In an incident at Kherkatta Dam in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, a food inspector accidentally dropped his Samsung phone valued at approximately $1,200 (100,000 rupees) into the reservoir on Sunday while attempting to take a selfie

Despite unsuccessful attempts by local divers to locate the phone, the food inspector, Mr. Vishwas, took matters into his own hands.

He personally funded the use of a diesel pump, which was brought in to drain water from the dam, as stated in a video statement attributed to him and reported in the Indian media.

In a three-day operation that involved pumping millions of liters of water out of the dam, Rajesh Vishwas’s lost phone was finally recovered.

Unfortunately, due to the extended exposure to water, the device had become waterlogged and rendered non-functional.

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Mr. Vishwas claimed that he had obtained verbal permission from an official to release “some water into a nearby canal.” According to his account, the official assured him that such an action would be advantageous to local farmers by providing them with increased water availability.

He later argued that the device contained sensitive government data that needed to be retrieved. However, his actions have come under scrutiny, and he has been accused of abusing his position for personal gains.

It is said that Mr. Vishwas has been suspended until further notice.


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