A British man dies on holiday after being struck by lightning as girlfriend filmed from beach

A British tourist lost their life after being struck by lightning during a holiday in Greece with his girlfriend. The incident occurred as the victim’s girlfriend, who was on the beach at the time, helplessly captured the horrifying scene on video.


Rapidly responding to the distress call, emergency services swiftly arrived at the scene, where they swiftly transported the injured man to the shore. With a sense of urgency, rescuers embarked on a frantic effort to save his life.

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A witness, who courageously attempted to assist the British tourist, recounted the harrowing experience in an interview with a local newspaper, saying, “Upon approaching him, I immediately noticed that he was submerged face down in the water, and his face bore visible bruises.

The accident happened on a beach in Rhodes, Greece (Image: Getty Images)

Instantly realizing the criticality of the situation, I knew that every passing moment was of utmost importance, and I diligently began pulling him towards the safety of the shore.”

According to reports from Rodiaki, fellow tourists had warned the man to exit the water, but unfortunately, he encountered difficulties at approximately 1:30 PM local time (11:30 AM BST).

Lightning struck/ Courtesy

Expressing their concerns, the witness further remarked, “Despite my worries about facing a similar fate, as the rain continued to pour, I refused to halt my efforts.”

“The rescuers arrived shortly afterwards and performed all the resuscitation procedures to keep him alive. Unfortunately, I found out a little later that he didn’t make it.”

After being transported from the scene, the man was rushed to the Archangelos Health Center, where medical professionals made desperate attempts to resuscitate him.

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In response to the tragic incident, the Central Port Authority of Rhodes has initiated an investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding the lightning strike and its fatal consequences.


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