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Cynthia Mboya: Lady thrown off building withdraws case against her boyfriend

Cynthia Mboya

26-year-old Cynthia Mboya has allegedly withdrawn the case against her Boyfriend Collins Kiptoo and his Cousin Ian Kipkorir.


After being thrown off the second floor of an apartment building in Kasarani by her boyfriend and his cousin, the two were arrested and detained.

However, it is reported that Cynthia Mboya has decided to withdraw the case as she claims she was intoxicated and that her bones are still intact after the fall.

The muscles are the only part of her body paining and she said she can manage the pain by taking medication given to her by the medical attendees. According to People Daily Collins Kiptoo and Ian Kipkorir have been released from prison after Cynthia Mboya withdrew the case.

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People Daily suspects that the intervention of a powerful politician a former cabinet secretary is what led to the release of Ian and Collins.
Collins Kiptoo and Ian Kipkorir were arrested and were to be arraigned in court and investigated for attempted murder.

Cynthia Mboya

On Sunday night the two threw Cynthia out of the second-floor building of Kasarani apartments. Cynthia Mboya was in pain but managed to mention the culprits who threw her off the building, the culprits were her boyfriend Collins Kiptoo, and his cousin Ian Kipkorir.

Cynthia Mboya was later rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention. Later, Cynthia Mboya withdrew her case and the two suspects were released.

“She could not walk when she was brought to the station to withdraw her complaint. She had been placed on the co-driver’s seat, which had been inclined. The local Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss then sent a signal to the headquarters that the victim had withdrawn her complaint.” A source told People Daily.

Detectives ensured that the case is still under investigation and the two suspects will be reporting to the police station until the investigation is complete.

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