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Man pleads guilty to assaulting his sister after throwing his Ugali away


In Kisii law court, a man pleaded guilty to assaulting his sister after she threw away his Ugali, claiming that he had every reason to do so.


When the court magistrate Wa Kugwa Wahinya asked the accused why he assaulted his sister, he stated that she threw his Ugali away after a disagreement, and he was very hungry and bitter at the time.

“Am sorry for the offence and am asking this court to forgive me,” he said in mitigation.

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The 28-year-old man described how his sister returned home after a failed marriage, and how she ordered him to start cooking from his own home and stop relying on his mother.

Kisii Law Court

He went on to tell the court that he bought his cooking flour and went to his mother’s house to cook Ugali, but when he was done, his sister stormed in and threw the Ugali away.

“I got better with her, I worked hard to get money and bought the cooking flour which is very expensive, the economy is worsening and then here she comes to throw away my ugali,” he posed.

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He also told the court that he was previously married, but his sister was a thorn in his side, creating a hostile environment for his wife, who eventually gave up and left her marriage. The case will be heard on April 18, 2023, when the probation officer files a report.


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