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‘We are not relenting’- Raila declares mass protests weekly


Raila Odinga, Azimio’s party leader says that the mass protests will be held weekly, every Monday until their grievances are met by President William Ruto.


While addressing members of the press in Eastleigh area, in Nairobi on Monday, March 20, Raila said that he shall not be weighed down by President Ruto’s plans to use force in a bid to stop him.

Raila made this declaration following the police’s move to teargas a part of his entourage while they were leaving Serena Hotel to attend a conference with his supporters.

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The police also sprayed water on the convoy using a GSU water canon as they were leaving the hotel.

“We stated that today was a public holiday to allow us to protest We have started a war. Every Monday, we will be protesting, are we in agreement? Raila said.

“A war has started and it will not end until Kenyans get what they rightfully deserve,” Raila declared.

File/Courtesy: Raila Odinga

Raila went on further to say that he will present President Ruto to the International Criminal Court, (ICC), for illegally arresting protestors as well as political leaders.

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“We are protesting so that the cost of living can go down but Ruto has decided to arrest our people and beat them We will report him to the ICC,” He added

Other Azimio La Umoja leaders backed Raila up by claiming that the protests held on Monday were just but a rehearsal. Senator for Kitui County Enoch Wambua claimed that the police brutality experienced during the mass action was just but a stepping stone for more protests.

Babu Owino, MP for Embakasi East added that the coalition would not relent and that their mission was still intact.

“We will not relent because of teargas, when you fight us, we fight back. What we are planning is better imagined than experienced,” Babu Owino said.


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