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Possible sabotage? Raila claims a planned attack on Azimio protests by government


Opposition and Azimio leader Raila Odinga has made claims that Deputy President Rigathi plans on causing mayhem during the mass action in Nairobi on Monday.


In a statement released on Sunday, March 25, Raila claims that DP Gachagua has set up a fully stocked armory and command centers in two different locations at a house near the Bomas of Kenya that belongs to a former CS and another at Hillcrest drive in Nairobi, belonging to a current CS.

According to him, this ‘planned’ mayhem is targeted against key Azimio leaders who are pioneering the mass action. Among them are Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna, Opiyo Wandayi (Minority leader and MP Ugunja Constituency), Babu Owino (MP Embakasi East), and Jeremiah Kioni, among others.

Raila’s statement, released on Twitter on Sunday, March 25

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Raila further stated that several Azimio leaders ‘gone rogue’ have been deployed to execute this mayhem in the Western and Nyanza regions. He claims that several youths have been booked in hotels with instructions to pose attacks on specific Azimio leaders.

“Several Azimio rebel MPs from these regions, (Western and Nyanza) have been deployed in support of this dirty mission in Western and Nyanza,” said Raila in the statement.

Despite having a statement released, the Azimio leader is yet to produce substantial evidence that backs his claims up.

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Raila on Sunday said that he will be present during the mass action on Monday, and dared Inspector General Japheth Koome to arrest him. Odinga called the IG out on what he termed as masked threats against Kenyans who will take part in the mass action on Monday.

File/Courtesy: Azimio La Umoja party leader, Raila Odinga (Center)

“I’m ready for the arrest and don’t send any other officer, come arrest me by yourself,” Raila told IG Japheth.

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IG Japheth called Azimio’s mass action unconstitutional and said that the police did not approve of their demonstrations.


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