Pope Francis to reconsider celibacy for Priests

Pope Francis

Pope Francis expresses his thoughts on the celibacy of priests in the catholic church. He believes that in order for one to be a priest it is not a requirement for them to be celibate.


He is in fact encouraging the agenda of recruiting priests who are married and not celibate. Pope Francis believes that celibacy is a Temporary prescription.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis File/COURTESY

Since time immemorial the requirement of being a priest in the catholic church requires one to be celibate. They are required to remain unmarried for their entire time in the ministry. However, this rule and Law might change.

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Independent Catholic news agency reported that the representatives of the German Church Synodal way voted in favor of this law being revised. They called upon Pope Francis to reexamine the celibacy doctrine.

Apart from that they advocated for women to be ordained as priests who serve the church.

“On Friday, delegates to the German Church Synodal Way assembly voted to call on Francis to “reexamine” the celibacy doctrine and, a separate issue, consider the ordination of women as priests,” said the independent catholic news agency.

When they revise the celibacy doctrine law it is believed that the change would overcome the challenge that is being faced in Brazil. Brazil’s Amazon region is experiencing a shortage of clergy and priest to serve the church. Not only in Brazil but in other parts of the world.

Pope Francis assured the priest that he could reconsider the celibacy doctrine law and revise it however, he does not believe that relaxing the celibacy doctrine law will encourage more men to serve the church. He believes that celibacy in the priesthood is a gift from God. He revealed this while speaking to the Argentine news.

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