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Miss Trudy respond to Ugandan trolls who called her ignorant

Miss trudy

Travel Vlogger Miss Trudy was attacked by Ugandan netizens after she revealed that she was amazed that Uganda has a game reserve that enables tourists to have a game drive and enjoy the view of African wildlife.


She took her excitement to Twitter and expressed her amazement saying that she originally thought national parks and game drives were only offered in Kenya and Tanzania but to her surprise, Uganda offered the same.

“Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have game drive in Uganda! I thought that these are only in Kenya & Tanzania We spent the evening watching Antelopes, Giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, and Hippos. Who would have thought? #Perlofafrica #Uganda #Africa,” Miss Trudy tweeted.

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This tweet sparked outrage among Ugandan netizens. Some people concluded that she was ignorant and she should not be a travel vlogger if she was not aware of such places. Others insisted that she should delete her post as it was offensive.

Miss Trudy File/COURTESY

I’m so ashamed that an African Travel Vlogger is surprised at what the pearl of Africa has to offer. A real vlogger reads about the region. Even the smallest country offers game drives. Actually, this is mockery and disrespectful. You should delete the tweet @misstrudy_,” Wilfred Senyange said.

Others saw that the Ugandan netizens are blaming and attacking the wrong person. Many believed that they should blame their tourism department for the lack of a good marketing strategy.

“Instead of criticizing their government for not marketing the country sufficiently, Ugandans are dragging this lady. I’ve spoken with friends in Kenya and abroad who had no idea what Uganda had to offer in terms of tourism. Many people in Europe are even unaware of Uganda…” Jonah Kirabo tweeted.

Miss Trudy urged Ugandan netizens to stop the hate because she is not the enemy. Miss Trudy said that she did not even know that Kenya had a desert but she marveled when she found out about it.

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