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Jesus of Bungoma: I’ll celebrate Easter in August not April!


Jesus of Bungoma County, known as Eliud Wekesa has said that he will lead his followers in celebrating the Easter holiday in August, and not in April.


According to Eliud, the correct date marked by the Bible for the Easter holiday is August and not April. He has planned a three-day festivity celebration to mark the great biblical occasion.

In alignment with his 3-day festival, Jesus of Bungoma said that his followers would bring their fattest livestock to ensure the Easter celebrations are indulging, feast-wise.

“Wafuasi wataleta mifugo vile vya kuchinjwa ndio sherehe kubwa tutaisherehekea.” Eliud said.

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Eliud (Jesus of Bungoma) has reacted to the netizens’ call for him to undergo crucifixion as was Jesus on Easter, by claiming that no prophet is not welcome in his home.

File/Courtesy: Jesus of Tongaren prepares to celebrate Easter in August

He had reported earlier that he felt his life being threatened because the netizens pledged to have him put to death on Easter. He also raised concern for his life after some people allegedly passed by his house, making crude and insulting comments against him.

He however did not report the matter to the police station, instead saying that the people behind those crucifixion claims were going to be punished. He said that god’s army was keeping him safe from harm’s way.

“Kwenda tu kwa polisi mwenyewe sijaenda,” he said

Eliud has been making rounds on social media for claiming to be the Messiah. He claims he has the powers to perform miracles, including turning water into tea.

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