Harmonize plans to take WCB to court


Tanzania’s star Harmonize has had enough of playing nice and is prepared to sue WCB Record owned by his former boss Diamond, for unpaid music royalties.


Gloves are off and the situation has escalated since Harmonize is no longer using parables and is now addressing specific individuals.

Harmonize claims that ever since leaving Wasafi, all of his music revenues have been going to the record label (even though he paid the exit fee) and a business called Mziiki that distributes songs.

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“Wasafi and Mziiki have partnered to mess with me yet I have done them no wrong.

It’s been a hustle trying to get what is rightfully mine from them so that I can feed my family just like they are doing with their families.

Why would they deny me access to my Intellectual Property rights (IP) and while at it they continue to collect money from my IPs on my behalf?” Harmonize asked.

He said that he was working with his attorneys to finalize the details and will shortly take the legal dispute to court.

In his quest for his money, Harmonize said, he received help from Tanzania’s recently appointed Assistant Minister for Culture and the Arts, Mwana FA, who assisted him in obtaining his royalties.

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As much as he works to encourage up-and-coming musicians and promote talent, Diamond has been quoted on the record defending WCB by asserting that Wasafi is a business.

As a result, when he hires musicians, he invests in them by funding their songs and performances, and when many of them find success, recognition, and wealth, they just want to enjoy it on their own, disregarding his business investment in them.

Singer Harmonize

In a string of lengthy Instagram rants from two weeks ago, Harmonize alleged that he had not gotten any money from his songs in seven years.

“I know you can’t believe this but I have never collected 1. USD from publishing all the music that I’ve been dropping over 7 years Over HIT SONGS remember I own the Master but I don’t know who is collecting ” started off the musician.

He went on to add, “Lol I need them Back Remember I have one I’m here for her Future I need Good Life 2 worked so hard to be here.”

Harmonize made the claims on Instagram, where he angrily revealed that someone was profiting from his hard work.

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In the post, he stated that he had had enough and was now after his money.


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