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Female Guards Fired for having illicit relationships with prisoners


Female guards at HMP Berwyn prison have been fired after they have been found guilty of having romantic relationships with inmates. After a thorough investigation was launched it was revealed that eighteen female guards were having flings and romantic relationships with the prisoners.


Among the eighteen female guards, three were arraigned in court for their misconduct. It was discovered that the relationship has been going on for six years in the privately run prison in Wrexham, North Wales.

HMP Berwyn prison

Jennifer Gavan a 27-year-old prison guard pleaded guilty to accepting 150 pounds in order to sneak in a phone to her partner or fling Alex Conor a 25-year-old inmate. With this phone, the pair exchanged raunchy photos on WhatsApp and Snapchat. Jennifer Gavan also kissed Alex Conor once in their relationship.

Jeniffer Gavan and Alex Conor File/COURTESY

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Jennifer Gavan was sentenced to eight months in prison. Besides Gavan, her two colleagues were caught up in the scandal.

Emily Watson 26 was arraigned in court for having a sexual affair with John McGee a drug dealer who is serving an eight-year sentence for dangerous driving which led to someone’s death.

Emily Watson File/COURTESY

Probations officer Ayshea Gunn was also arrested for having sexual affairs with a dangerous inmate Khuram Razaq who was in prison for armed robbery.

Ayesha Gunn and Khuram Razaq File/COURTESY

The chair Person of the prison Officers association Mark Fairhurst blamed the hiring process of prison guards. He pointed out that the interviews were not done face to face but through a zoom call which makes the employers hire people with little to no experience.

“Staff being recruited don’t have face-to-face interviews… it’s all done on Zoom. A lot of people getting these jobs don’t have enough life experience and are susceptible to conditioning from prisoners. Your figures just prove what we’ve been warning the employer about for years.” Mark Fairhurst said.

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