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Eric Omondi plans to quit comedy and advocate for economic change in Kenya

Eric Omondi

The self-proclaimed president of Comedy Eric Omondi has decided to stop doing comedy and start speaking for the voiceless Kenyans who are suffering.


He acknowledges that the high cost of living is not a laughing matter and it is serious as Kenyans are suffering and some cannot even afford food due to the high cost of living.

Eric Omondi has been making headlines after being arrested on multiple occasions as he was protesting against the joblessness among Kenyan Youths and the high cost of living in Kenya.

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After 16 years of entertaining Kenyans on screen, he sees that it is high time to start advocating for a better Kenya.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi File/COURTESY

“It is a serious time, we’re no longer laughing, we’re in tough times. People are suffering, they’re starving, and they can’t afford basic needs. Fortunately, God has given me a voice and platform. I have also entertained people for a long time, 16 years in the comedy industry. That is enough time.” Eric Omondi said when doing an interview with Ramogi FM.

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Some Netizens speculate that he is trying to get a political seat and he is being supported by Azimio la Umoja Party Leader Raila Odinga. However, Eric Omondi cleared the speculations by saying he is doing this for himself and Kenyans.

When asked if he is trying to get a political seat he responded by saying that he has no interest in becoming a politician.

“I’m doing this as Eric. I’m not part of any political outfit and not being pushed or sponsored by anyone I’m the most followed, I don’t need any support from politicians. I have made enough money for myself and I am not doing this to get their help. I have everything I need. I don’t have to be elected as a Parliamentarian.” Eric Omondi said.

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