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Catherine Masitsa: Real Housewives of Nairobi’s new cast member


Samantha Bridal founder and entrepreneur Catherine Masitsa is making a debut in the hit reality show Real Housewives of Nairobi which airs on Showmax.


Catherine Masitsa expressed her excitement about joining the cast adding that her fans are excited for her too. Since the reality TV show is packed with drama some people were concerned about the drama ruining her Samantha Bridal brand that was industriously made.

Catherine Masitsa
Catherine Masitsa File/COURTESY

Catherine Masitsa asked her fans not to worry as she was not worried herself because she is a self-made person whose sole purpose in joining the show is not to blend in but to be herself around the other cast members.

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“I’m a self-made person. I am not there to fit in. I’m there to stand by myself to be me, to be real and that is what you will be seeing, so there’s a lot of things happening on the sides but let me tell you something Mwende I’m a thoroughbred.

A thoroughbred horse, you’ve seen the horses at the racecourse? There’s a lot of noise. Do you know why they wear the blinders?

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Because horses become very whimsical, even the power of cars is described by horsepower, so you put on your blinders and you run your race .” She told Radio Maisha host Mwende Macharia.

On her personal life she was raised by her father who has four wives she appreciates her father for raising her and acknowledges him for shaping her and molding her to be the successful woman she is today.

“I love my daddy, serially he has I think four wives. But he is a great daddy and you know what, what I want to say is men give women identity, men give the girl child identity, I am not lost the world, I know who I am, like I really truly know, so he did an amazing job. Catherine Masitsa said.

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