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Call Center International (CCI) exposed for its Toxic Work Environment

Call Center International

The Call Center International has been trending for a while on Twitter as current and former employees exposes the toxic work environment and the toxic leadership in the workplace.


The former and current workers are tired of the mistreatment and decided to reach out for assistance through social media influencer and political analyst Bravin Yuri. Bravin Yuri is giving a listening ear to the victims who have undergone various mistreatments.

He encourages the victims to Directly message (DM) him with their stories as he exposes the mistreatment that goes on in the company.
The gruesome grievances that the current and former employees have outlined are as follows:

Sexual Harassment
Single women and young female interns have become prey to sexual predators. The have to fulfill sexual favors in order to get basic favors or even employment in the company. Men are not left out some of them are prone to sexual inappropriate comments. Leading to a Toxic work environment with limited growth and development of the employee.

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The employer do not provide security for their employees. When some employees need to work a 10-hour night shift they have to go home at dangerous times at night. This exposes the workers to thugs and robbers. The employees safety is threatened and the employers do not care about it as long as their work is done.

Overworked and Underpaid
Employees are being overworked by their leaders they are not paid overtime. The most payment they get at the end of the month is 28,000 which is being taxed. Some employees have succumbed to various illnesses as they are overworked and the employers do not care about the well-being of their employees. Within the ten hour shift they have a 1 hour break 30 minutes for lunch and another 30 minutes which is divided into two 15minutes and 15minutes break.

Abuse of power
Some employees are to seek permission to go to the washroom. They are always threatened to be fired if they have done nothing wrong.

Denied leave.
The employees are denied leave even though it is well deserved. When an employee is bereaved or seriously ill they are either given two days leave or they take an unpaid leave. Besides that the ill employees have to provide documentation physically to show and prove that they are indeed ill.

The above are some of the complaints that the current and former employees are making. Some of the alleged perpetrators were exposed by the employees on Twitter. The alleged perpetrators are mostly managers and higher ups of the company.

Rishi Jatania.
The CEO of CCI Kenya. He has been accused of enabling and encouraging the toxicity in the work place. When the employees forwarded their grievances to the CEO he did not care to stop the mistreatment of his employees. He only called a meeting to threaten them. He also curses security guards and forces them to use the stairs if he is on the lift.

Call Center International

Leah Musuya.
An operational manager at CCI Kenya. Leah Musuya has been accused of being verbally abusive to her juniors and utter threats to fire people whenever she wants. She would magnify any small mistake and drive people to quit their Jobs. She has also been accused of abusing her female employees. Currently she has been on leave and is still working with the CCI.

Call Center International

David Chewe.
Manager at CCI he has been accused of sexual harassment of female employees. Mr. Chewe allegedly asks for sexual favors in order to give women promotions and job opportunities in CCI.

Call Center International

Stephen Michaels Okebe
Senior Manager at CCI Kenya. He has been accused of denying people leave even though it is necessary. If one is either bereaved or sick they are given either two days or they are opted to take an unpaid leave.

Florence Alwena Minayo
Operational Manager at CCI Kenya. She has been accused of mistreating and disrespecting her juniors. She has been described as ill-mannered and allegedly threatens her subordinates and forces people to come to work on their leave days.

Call center International

Caleb Onsombi Ondimu

Head of Training and Quality Teleperformance. Mr Ondimu has beenaccused of being an alleged sexual predetor who asks for sexual favors from female employees.

Call Center International

Its hard for people to quit because they say that there are not many Job opportunities in Kenya. Some people working there are bread winners of their various families hence they are forced to endure their superiors mistreatment.

The former and current employees are exposing the toxic work place using the hashtag #CCIKenyaExposed.

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