Andrew Kibe reacts to Eve Mungai blocking him on social media

Andrew Kibe

Digital content creator Andrew Kibe responds sarcastically after he realized that Eve Mungai has blocked him on all her social media Platforms.


He urged his follower and subscribers to be sending photos to him in order for him to be up to date with Eve Mungai’s Life.
Andrew Kibe has gone back and forth dissing and criticizing Eve Mungai and her boyfriend Trevor.

Andrew Kibe advised Trevor to start investing in himself because according to him he has invested a lot in her girlfriend. If they were ever to break up Trevor will be at a disadvantage.

This is why Andrew Kibe is warning and advising Trevor to start investing in himself.

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“Mungai amejam leo, finally akaniblock. Sijui nitasurvive aje. Itabidi mukuwe munanitumia hizo picha zake. Eeh Mungai, umeniblock, how will I survive? And Trevor, now that you’re girlfriend has blocked me on social media, she’s planning to leave you. You need to protect yourself. Sasa anza kuweka pesa Kwa separate account. Anza kunua machines zako” Andrew Kibe said.

Trevor is known to be the brains behind Eve Mungai’s brand. They both work equally hard but Trevor rarely gets noticed or acknowledged. Andrew Kibe commended him for pushing Eve Mungai to do various interviews with different celebrities when the Coronavirus hit.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe File/COURTESY

Andrew Kibe advises all men to work hard and buy themselves machines. This is because he believes that women are more attracted to what you drive rather than what you look like.

He flaunted his ride to netizens as he was clapping back at Diana Marua who called him poor. He flexed the machine to netizens mentioning its capabilities and strengths.

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