Kiben Ten: Presenter Ali’s Diss Track Dedicated to Andrew Kibe (Video)

Diss Track

Present Ali recently released a new track that garnered a lot of attention. However, it was not just a new hit single, it was a diss track explicitly dedicated to Andre Kibe.


Presenter Ali and Andrew Kibe are currently having a fallout on social media resulting in them spewing insult after insult to each other.

It all started when Presenter Ali bought his significant other a car and decided to share the joy and good news with his fans by posting it on the internet.

While many were happy for him Andrew Kibe went on his YouTube channel and criticized presenter Ali for buying a new car for his girlfriend.

Diss Track
Andrew Kibe and Presenter Ali

The video did not sit well with Presenter Ali resulting in him talking to Andrew Kibe personally using his personal line and telling him to keep his name out of his mouth if he wanted to keep his YouTube channel and job.

Andrew Kibe replied telling him not to threaten him. The presenter then said if he was a man enough he should mention his name again in order to see what happens.

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Diss Track

Hapo umegusa sipo kabisaa lenga tu kama unapenda job yako an channel yako, lenga kabisa,” Presenter Ali allegedly said in the screenshots shared.

“Get out of your puny feelings and never ever try to threaten me again,” Kibe fumingly cautioned Presenter Ali. “Okay Nitaje mara mbili Tena if you are man enough,” Ali dared Kibe.

Andrew Kibe did not spare him and went straight to his YouTube channel where he did not hesitate to mention Presenter Ali’s name more than twice. Andrew Kibe insinuated that Presenter Ali thinks that he owns YouTube and that he is being controlled by his girlfriend.

In the video, he dragged well-known YouTubers in Kenya including Eve Mungai into the conversation calling out all kinds of discrepancies.

Presenter Ali hit back at Kibe with his new hit single Kiben Ten accusing Kibe of making thriving off his relationships with older white women hence the name “Ki-Ben 10”.

Presenter Ali also touched on how Kibe failed as a preacher and as a husband taking the whole beef to new levels.

Netizens are itching to know if Andrew Kibe will respond after a whole diss track was dedicated to him.

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