Revive your Love Life by Learning the Art of Seduction

Love life

Intimacy is an elemental part of any successful marriage. So, now and then try and add a little charm to your bedroom activity through seduction, and watch it skyrocket.


“I lose my husband every time we cross over to bedroom matters, help me!’ This is a silent cry most women have. It is either your love life is on the verge of extinction or it died long ago, and the only thing you have left are distant memories. Oh, those glory days of marriage!

It does not have to be that way. You can resuscitate your dying marriage, with just a little bit of spice and learning the art of seduction. The first few tries will be near impossible, but with time all will be well as far as your love life is concerned.

Here are tips you can use to seduce your way into a happy love life, literally:

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  • Intentional grooming

Works like a charm. Perhaps your partner has lost the bedroom groove because all you wear are promotional t-shirts and hair bonnets. Baby girl, you need to up your game. Wash up, put on some good clothes, and maybe a little perfume, and then wait. The magic shall unravel right in Infront of you.

Love life
File/Courtesy: Make effort to look good every once in a while to shake things up
  • Don’t be scared to get physical

We all need intimacy every so often. Whether it is a brush of the arm or feather kisses on the neck, physical touch finetunes our urges to an extent. Make sure your partner knows that they are desirable through the way you look at them as well as how you touch them.

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  • Prioritize your partner

Remember, when it comes to seduction, you are playing the long game guys. Give attention to each other, instead of focusing solely on your pleasure and satisfaction. Ask what your man needs you to do to make him feel good. This trick will have your partner highly seduced, which is after the ultimate goal.

  • Smile more

Why are you always so grumpy Jenny? Wear a smile now and then. Make your partner feel safe and warm just by looking at the vibrancy on your face.

Love life
File/Courtesy: Smiling makes you more warm and safe

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  • Play with each other

Tease each other, make jokes, hold eye contact, or tell each other naughty things. That will surely drive your partner crazy. The beauty of the play is when it is spontaneous; This makes it all the more worth it.


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