Njugush Explains Deleted Equity Bank Advertisement, Twitter controversy


Njugush has apologized to fans who were offended by his recent business promotion for Equity Bank, which annoyed Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).


Njugush, dressed in a school uniform and filmed in Meru County, highlighted the ease of paying fees through Equity Bank in the video.

“Wazazi, I experienced the convenience firsthand at Meru School,” he said, praising the bank for providing a stress-free experience for parents.

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Despite his efforts, the Equity Ad left a bad taste in his audience’s mouths. Following the negative comments, the comedian deleted the video.

When asked if the trolls impacted his brand, Njugush stated that he has been in worse situations.

“Affecting nope. Timing ndio mbaya (The timing was bad). But affecting nope we’ve been in worse situations bana,” he said.

Njugush has long been a vocal advocate for social justice. However, recent reports of fraudulent activities involving Equity Bank have prompted Kenyans to voice their grievances on Twitter.

In light of these events, Njugush issued an apology to anyone who may have been affected.

This comes after several victims sought refuge in blogger Kimuzi, who provided a platform to share their experiences.


The parties involved exchanged private messages, attaching evidence of clients receiving negative balances in their accounts.

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“How safe are the clients’ money in your bank? Why am I getting a negative 600k in my account, was Equity hacked or something?” Mansa Musa, one of the victims said.

Equity Bank has since advised its customers not to use public Wi-Fi when using their app.

In a letter to its customers, the bank outlined some dos and don’ts that their clients should follow in order to avoid fraudsters.

The bank said: “Do not share personal data such as your account number, card/CW, ID number, date of birth, etc with anyone. Do not share your pin, password, or OTP with anyone including your family, relatives, or friends. Do not engage fraudsters on call or sms. Equity will only call you through 0763 000 000.”

The financial services provider also advised its customers not to give their phones, laptops, or computers to strangers, including those claiming to be from telcos.

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Equity also acknowledged receiving customer fraud complaints but assured them that they were working to ensure the bank remained a safe and secure place for transactions.


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