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Meghan and Harry miss out on Oprah Winfrey’s Birthday Party

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Meghan and Harry were not invited to Oprah’s 69th Birthday Party: Is the Royal Couple Out of Favor in Hollywood?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s absence from Oprah Winfrey’s star-studded birthday celebration has sparked questions about their status in Hollywood.

As Kim Kardashian and other big names in entertainment gathered to honour the media mogul, the royal couple’s absence was noticeable.

Meghan Markle misses out in Oprah’s Birthday party

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“Happy Birthday Oprah. Sharon Stone said it best last night toasting you that you mean the world to the world! Happy birthday!” she wrote.

Are the royals exiled from Hollywood Parties?

According to The Spectator’s Kara Kennedy, the snub may indicate that the couple’s attempt to transition from royalty to celebrities has not gone as planned.

In a column for The Spectator, Kennedy wrote: “Snubs like this show that the tide is turning with the Sussexes – and that the gamble that saw them trade in the lifelong duty of being working royalty for the money and fame of being celebrities hasn’t paid off.”

Despite their high profile and recent endeavours, they were not among the guests who joined Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba, and other A-listers to celebrate Oprah’s birthday and the 25th anniversary of Anastasia at Beverly Hills.

The question remains, are Meghan and Harry exiled from Hollywood’s elite circle? Only time will tell, but for now, their absence from Oprah’s celebration has certainly raised eyebrows and sparked conversations.


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