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I Don’t Live in the Slums Like You – Pastor Ng’ang’a tells Congregant

Pastor Nganga

Pastor Ng’ang’a has made headlines for his controversial statement about poverty and Christianity.


In a clip that has caused a stir on the internet, The well-known preacher tells his congregants that he does not live in the slums like them, He continues to say that it is an advantage because it is easier for them to spread the gospel as they interact more with each other compared to the rich who barely interact with each other.

“I don’t live in Kawangware like you… I don’t live in Mathare but at least you live in Mathare where you can talk to your immediate neighbours.

“Where I live, you can’t even talk to your neighbour, we just wave hi to each other. But you can meet your neighbour at the kiosk which sells mutura and catch up over stories.

“Where I live, you can’t converse with anyone. You can’t stop someone to preach the gospel to them,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said.

Some people interpreted the message to mean that rich people have no time to waste hence it is harder to spread the gospel to the rich rather than the poor.

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Pastor Nganga
Pastor Nganga File/COURTESY

“It makes sense, but just few will understand it. we have the opportunity to spread the gospel and win souls than them.” Walise wrote.

“In short he wants people to spread the gospel and save souls, as I understand him,” Wangui Wangai wrote.

Others interpreted the message to mean that Christianity is for the poor.

Pastor Nganga’s s message received criticism some blaming the congregation as they believed and took Pastor Nganga’s message to heart.

“alafu wajinga wanasema Amen na bado watoe sadaka mtumishi aweke gari mafuta wakitembea miguu mathare 😂😂” Lucky Girl wrote.

“Hi ni ufalaa kwa wale wanajiita waumini wa Neno Evangelical church.” Edwin Musukha wrote.

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