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EPRA Gives New Electricity Price Directives for February 2023

EPRA has given out new electricity price directives for the month of February 2023 following a discussed review for this year’s price scaling.


The Regulatory Authority revised the January 2023 electricity prices by Kenya Power which was at Ksh 7.18 per unit.

EPRA Gives New Electricity Price Directives for February 2023.
PHOTO/COURTESY: The EPRA officials talking to the Media in Nairobi.

Regarding the revised electricity rates for the month of February, Kenyan citizens are being charged Ksh 6.59 per unit which is a 3.8 percent decrease.

EPRA on the other hand announced that it was necessitated by lower global crude prices which have subsequently eased the cost of producing thermal power.

A sample of a breakdown of Ksh 500 worth of tokens is as follows: “KPLC Token, MtrNo:04217830, Token:2476-3062-5077-4056-8, Date:2023-01-31 21:07, Units:24.43, amount Ksh:500.00, Token amount:188.19, VAT:58.16, Fuel Energy Charge:175.43, Forex Charge:47.07, EPRA Charge:0.73, WRA Charge:0.26, REP Charge:9.4, Inflation Adjustment:20.76.”

Meanwhile, Thermal Power contributes 13.2 percent of the country’s grid power outshining other renewable sources including Geothermal, Solar, Wind Power, and Hydropower Imports from Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda.

EPRA Gives New Electricity Price Directives for February 2023.
PHOTO/COURTESY: Kenya Power employees during electricity connectivity.

This year January, EPRA raised the inflation adjustment cost to 85 cents per unit from 67 cents per unit an adjustment that will be in place until June 2023.

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This was after the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) announced an inflation rate of 9.0 percent in January.

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Under the KNBS inflation rate for 2023, electricity prices were projected to rise by 0.5 percent.

The February electricity price reduction could also be short-term if EPRA adopts Retail Tariff Application (RTA) proposed by Kenya Power.

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An official statement on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, revealed that it had concluded public participation in the RTA in Nairobi county.

EPRA Gives New Electricity Price Directives for February 2023.
PHOTO/COURTESY:EPRA Gives New Electricity Price Directives for February 2023.

“We have concluded the public participation workshop proposed RTA submitted by Kenya Power for 2022/23- 2025/26 tariff control period. EPRA invites Energy Sector Stakeholders, Electrical Workers, Contractors, Consumer Associations, National and County Governments to the Mombasa Public Participation Workshop on Friday, February 10,” the statement reads.

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