Briana Jai, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend introduces her new boyfriend

Harmonize and ex

Briana Jai, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend, has introduced her new boyfriend. She is now dating executive fitness coach Phillip Nwosu.


Briana posted a video of herself having fun with her new lover, demonstrating that she has moved on from the Tanzanian singer.

“Date idea: Oysters, champagne, and your significant other (love emoji)18 fresh oysters from the farm you’re standing in straight to your plate… YUM This was such a beautiful experience, thank you for having us we can’t wait to come back next time,” she captioned.

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Harmonize announced the breakup on Instagram, stating that long-distance relationships were difficult for him.

Harmonize had previously expressed gratitude to her for assisting him in learning English.

Briana Jai

“Mimi siyo mtaalam sana kwenye Kingereza ila mtu akiongea namuelewa. Kingereza siyo lugha yetu, lakini cha msingi ni kujiamini tu.”(I am not a native English speaker, but I understand what people are saying. Although English is not our first language, the most important thing is that you believe in yourself.)

In the meantime, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize’s former boss, has left fans perplexed about his relationship status a few weeks after declaring himself single.

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The singer shared a Zuchu custom-made jewellery on his Instagram stories, which he had purchased as a gift for his signee.

Ice Jewlz, a London-based store, sold Diamond the invisible diamond set.


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