Barbra Magoha Sends Off Late Husband with Song and Dance

Dr. Barbra Magoha

Dr Barbra Magoha, the wife of the late Professor George Magoha, welcomed her husband’s funeral procession into their Lavington home while singing and dancing to upbeat music.


Despite some criticism from those who deemed it inappropriate for a sombre occasion, Barbra was embracing her West African heritage and celebrating her husband’s life well lived.

In some Nigerian tribes, there are often coffin dancers who bring a sense of victory and triumph as loved ones honour the life of the deceased and remember their impact on the community.

This celebration of life is a reflection of the belief that the soul of the departed has a greater chance of a fulfilling afterlife with more music and dancing.

During the requiem, Dr Barbra Magoha shared a dream she had the day after her husband passed. In the dream, she conversed with the late Professor Magoha who asked if he could have done things differently.

Dr Barbra affirmed that her late husband had done his best for his family.

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The late Professor Magoha, who died due to heart complications while hospitalized in Nairobi Hospital, will be laid to rest in his hometown of Umiru Nyamninia, Yala, on February 11, 2023.

His requiem was held at the Kenya National Exam Council (KNEC) grounds, bringing together friends, family, and loved ones to pay their final respects and celebrate his life.


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