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Andrew Kibe Trolls Organisers of the Men’s Conference


Andrew Kibe has slammed the 2023 Men’s Conference, which was held on Tuesday, February 14, in Nairobi, urging the speakers to start mentoring men while they are still young.


According to Kibe, all of the men’s conferences held in Nairobi on Valentine’s Day were simply using the occasion to market their products.

He contended that it is impossible to address issues affecting men in a two-hour event held only once a year. Kibe claimed that his show outperforms the events.

“Let’s try to teach the men…teach them what!? What are you talking to grown men about? Go to high school, go to primary school, that’s where the men are being built, but now young men are being destroyed there and then now you try to fix them when they are men here? How!? If you really care for these men you need to talk to them when it matters before they convert to this side and their hearts are hardened,” Kibe said assertively.

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The conference, which was held at Carnivore Restaurant had a total of 19,000 men attending online and in person.

Andrew Kibe

The theme of the 2023 conference was “The status of men in society and What way forward for men”.

Guest speakers included psychiatrist Dr Frank Njenga, entertainer Ian Mbugua, comedian Dr Ofweneke, popular clergyman Pastor Simon Mbevi, and events consultant Chris Kirwa, among others, who spoke about the topics and mentored the young attendees.

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According to online posts, the team also elected a new Men’s Conference chairman to succeed Mzee Jackson Kibor, who died in March 2022.

Journalist Stephen Letoo

The men elected Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo as their new chairman at this year’s conference.


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