Akothee Rescues Student from Suicide with Support and School Fees


Esther Akoth aka Akothee, a singer, has come to the aid of a top KCPE student who was about to commit suicide due to a lack of school fees.


According to an update shared with Kiss FM, Madam Boss paid Liz Naomi Ochieng’s school fees through her Foundation.

The Abebo hitmaker stated that her foundation had paid Ochieng’s school fees for the entire year and that Rosy sanitary towels would be delivered to the school every month.

Akothee also stated that after learning about the young girl’s plea on Facebook, the principal of Ambassador Pamela Mboya Girls High School, Madam Margaret Temesi, purchased a school uniform and went shopping for her.

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Liz Naomi Ochieng, a young girl, took her KCPE at Lwanda Konyuna primary school in Central Kanyamkago ward Uriri Sub-county and scored 356 points.

Ambassador Pamela Mboya High School sent her a Form 1 admission letter. Lizzy had not yet started Form 1 because her parents could not enrol her.

On Tuesday, February 6th, Lizzy attempted suicide after seeing her classmates carrying boxes on their way to begin their new lives in form 1.


She was apprehended, and well-wishers such as Akothe have now come to her aid to ensure that she completes her tertiary education.

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Lizy’s story went viral after social media users highlighted her situation, urging well-wishers to come to her aid.

“Meet Liz Naomi Ochieng, fully uniformed and ready for school.

The girl who pleaded for help, I am pleased to meet The Chief principles of Ambassador Pamela Mboya Girls High School Madam Margaret Temesi who also came to the girl’s Aid 🙏

“She learned about the same on Facebook heard the name of her school mentioned, and since she has a heart for supporting the needy, she came through too.

“Mommy Mya God bless you abundantly.

“We shall wall together to create an impact and change the narrative. A girl must go to school. Thank you very much my fans for your continuous support,”.

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She went on to add; “We need school fees. Please support as many girls as you can. By sending, our small contribution to. AKOTHEE FOUNDATION. 205024.”


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