Suzanna Owiyo Pressures Gov’t to Pay Her for Performing at the Africities Summit


Suzanna Owiyo has written to the Kisumu County Government and the State Department of Devolution requesting payment for performers at the Africities Summit.

The singer, who was one of the performers at the summit, claimed in an Instagram video that her attempts to contact the parties involved for payment had been futile due to frequent postponements.

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“Can Kisumu County Government & (State Department) of Devolution do the honorary thing and pay artists who performed during Africities Summit in May 2022? I believe once you have rendered your services, you should be compensated as per the contract.

Suzanna Owiyo

“I have tried my best to reach out to the guys assigned to contract the artists but my efforts have not been successful. The response I keep getting is…sijui tutakulipa…ngoja….wait till next week…sasa utangoja next month…It’s been delays after delays after delays,” Owiyo said.

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The Africities Summit took place in Kisumu County from May 17 to May 21, 2022. The government invested more than Sh1 billion in road repair and city beautification in advance of the event.

Lupita Nyong’o, the daughter of the governor of Kisumu, was chosen to serve as the summit’s goodwill ambassador.

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The Africities summit’s purpose was to rally the African and Afro-descendant diaspora to embark on the path towards an African renaissance with their compatriots who have remained on the continent as well as with all good-willed individuals interested in the growth, fusion, and unity of Africa.

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